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The ever changing chaos of digital media has collapsed the traditional order of media consumption.  

What channel should we focus on?  Where should we allocate our budget?  Who should we target?  What is our message, and how do we distribute it the most cost effective manner?

It’s overwhelming right?

With over 20 years of experience in media planning and procurement, our Media Farmers have the experience necessary to build a strategic plan that puts your business on the path to success.  

The plan is easy, but the path towards incremental growth and increased ROI is hard.  Our team makes decisions not based on gut feel, we utilize split testing and data to adds strength to your campaigns effectiveness over time.


Media Farm has the unique advantage of working with a plethora creative and production teams.  We  tailor the creative scope & messaging strategy with a tailored approach to the distribution channel, rather than a one size fits all approach.

Accountability is key, and Media Farm is committed to it.  Exact details of all media purchased and the resulting data  are fully and openly shared with clients, including rates paid, performance metrics, and goal tracking. 



Our goal is to create content that works, according to our goals. It starts with a dive into your budget, timeline, and target segmentation.

We work to build content that is not one size fits all, with content that is tailored to the channel and audience that will view it.

Our seamless integration within the never ending depth of media options ensures that we not only make the best content possible, but it’s backed with laser focused targeting, instant analytics that leads to diminished ad waste.




Within our Media department, our team creates opportunities for influencers to produce and share branded assets, passing equity from their highly engaged, opt-in audiences to our clients.  

Obsession with evaluating the value of influencer context and distribution

The communication from influencers to their audiences is threaded with social context not evident in traditional media campaigns. We are committed to evaluating the value of these premium impressions relative to the rest of the media mix.

Per Channel approach reaches the right consumer where they are most attentive

Each brand, and their given strategy, introduces us to a wealth of options and opportunities to forge the right partnership with the right influencers. activate across many different platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin) depending upon who and how you want to communicate with your target.

In addition to working with those with larger followings, we have perfected a workflow for activating influencers with small yet passionate followings in mass. We routinely manage hundreds of influencers concurrently for our clients.


Media Farm owns, operates, and collaborates with many of the largest social media community pages in Nashville   When applicable, our customers get access to these highly engaged audiences through the following channels, with a built in distribution and exposure.  

Instagram @NashvilleTN 200,000 followers

Instagram @FranklinTN 40,000 followers

Facebook @WeLoveNashville 44,000 followers



Within the chaos of digital media, the evolution of human story telling and experience will never leave the context of our five senses – touch, smell, see, hear, and taste. To achieve the proper humanistic order within your marketing efforts, Media Farm is here to execute Events, Activations, and Partnerships that give your brand an opportunity to create meaning, and impact with your target audience.


Like the paid media landscape, there is a black hole of options and opportunities that exist within the realm of event sponsorship and brand activations. Within the given marketing strategy and it’s chosen goals, we help to deliver opportunities for brand to be included in the right events, at the right price, for the right audience, with the right elements of experiential context to help your brand become integrated with it’s audience over the long term.


We help to leverage of the on premise event with social media elements that further distribute the experience and activation beyond those that are in attendance.



Media Farm deploys our “brand ambassadors” to create relationships and foster programs that build your brand and product value beyond that of a traditional vendor to customer relationship.

Through strategic partnerships with other companies, our ambassadors walk in the door of your prospective clients, and add value, with a suite of programs designed to make you stand out against a room of commoditized competition.



“I don’t know if my advertising is working.”

Yes we have heard this before, and you have probably said it before.

At Media Farm, our goal is to give our campaign, and our customers, full accountability.

Our Media Farm clients are given access to our data platform, that gives you updates, in real time, with the performance of your campaign.

Our media procurement team utilizes “split testing” within our paid media campaigns, that enables us to track what creative, channels, or demo, behavioral, and geo targets are outperforming or underperforming. This enables us to move your ad budget away from the weaker performing campaign, and give it to the strong. Resulting in an ROI that increases as your campaign ages.